Monday, January 3, 2011


When we last visited the Children's Church, the waterfall was a flat, one-dimensional painting on the wall. 

After wrestling several pieces of 2 inch styrofoam insulation into submission we have a 3-D waterfall with "water" and some fancy greenery.

One larger sheet of foam was carved out with a hot knife to match the general shape of the waterfall.  Then layers of foam built out the actual bed of the stream and smaller pieces of foam formed the front of the rocks. 

The actual water is made from three layers of fabric.  A more opaque base is fluffed up with blue net and then covered with a shimmery, sheer layer of fabric.  A string of Christmas lights under the fabric adds a bit of sparkle. 

Rocks carved from foam and some faux ferns make it look a little more real.

Makes me want to go find a nice quiet waterfall to sit beside and relax from this crazy Holiday season.  I need to find a recording of rushing water!  Won't be able to sit around long....I'll have to run to the potty!

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  1. that is neat. I hope I can be that talented making one of those water falls and the pool noodle palm trees. thank you for sharing your ideas.