Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Goals ... November 6th and a Pathetic Showing Last Week

Sort of a pathetic showing as far as last week's goals go.  I have more motivation for this week.  I hope I can get more done.

Weekly Goals ... October 29th

  • Bible Study with kids two times. Only once.
  • Write Gene a love note. Done
  • Finish up the bucket list and start the Thanksgiving Count Down. We have three things left on the bucket list.  Two of them got forwarded to the Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar.

  • Lose four pounds. I am down a couple pounds.
  • Pedicure. Removed my polish but I don't have the color I want to redo them.
  • Exercise four times. I got on the exercise bike once all week.  Probably explains why I feel so crummy and I haven't lost any weight.

  • Finish Bathroom list. Done. Plus I added a few things to the list that I hadn't thought of before.
  • Finish Laundry Room list. Not even started.
  • Tidy all bedrooms. Ughhh!
  • Patch and paint cracks in drywall. I did buy sanding screen and primer, but I didn't touch the actual walls.

  • Keep Spreadsheets current. Done.
  • Coupon and menu plan. Lots of great deals at Kroger this week!
  • Total October budget and start November. Spending for October was out of control.  I cannot believe the amount of money we went through.  November will probably be ridiculous too since Gene and I are going on a trip and we have to get serious about Christmas gift buying.

  • Scrap three months of calendar. I did one month.  It is going to be so cute!
  • Granny accessories assembled. Hate the pattern I started to use.  I need to rethink the whole project.
  • Bake three things for the freezer. I baked pumpkin bread.  I wasn't in love with it.  I will have to try another recipe.
  • Thanksgiving decorations. Decided not to do these until after company comes on Tuesday.  They haven't seen the Halloween decorations and will be back to see Thanksgiving so I decided to put it off.

  • Check in every day, especially with Marshall. I checked, but the kids are not exactly truthful.  Threats will ensue.
  • Investigate volunteer opportunities. Didn't even send the first email about it.  So lazy!
Only seven things checked off the list last week.  Pretty pathetic.  Next week I have company coming so I know that I will be more motivated!

Weekly Goals ... Week of November 5th
  • Bible Study with kids two times.
  • Write Gene a love note.
  • Prep kids and self for four days away.
  • Maintain weight 
  • Pedicure.
  • Exercise four times.

  • Finish Laundry Room list.
  • Tidy all bedrooms.
  • Patch and paint cracks in drywall.
  • Clean off deck and put away all of the random totes.

  • Keep Spreadsheets current.
  • Coupon and menu plan.
  • Figure out budget for trip away.
  • Scrap three months of calendar.
  • Granny accessories assembled.
  • Bake three things for the freezer.
  • Thanksgiving decorations.

  • Check in every day, especially with Marshall.
  • Investigate volunteer opportunities.
I have to get on the ball!  Company is coming on Tuesday evening.  I am leaving for a four day vacation with Gene on Saturday morning and Christmas is only 49 days away.

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