Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where the Heck Have I been?

A tropical island, of course!

OK, so not really, but I have been spending a great deal of time creating one for the Children's Church room at my pastor's pastor's church an hour and a half away.

He wants a tropical island and a real pirate ship that the kids can climb on with a slide and a puppet stage! 

A man with a vision. 

Makes my heart go pitter patter, I tell ya!

It started out as a great big room (when I say big, I mean a 40X40 foot room with a stage and a sink and counter) with pretty, puffy white clouds painted all over.  While the clouds were beautiful, they just weren't as animated as I imagined that they should be.

I took purple and blue paint and a sponge and added some dimension to them.  After two days on a scaffold sponging and foofing and glittering, we had some pretty nifty clouds.

That was the first step among many!  But next, I had to go SHOPPING!  Oh, Happy Day!  Shopping at craft stores to create a whole tropical island pirate hide-away. 

Think palm trees and parrots and treasure chests and monkeys and waterfalls and...

Can't wait, can you?  I'll show you some more tomorrow!

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