Monday, September 27, 2010

What To Do With A Worn Out Down Comforter

I had two, count 'em, two, ragged out down comforters that were losing feathers like a goose in a tornado.  Being such a cheap frugal person, I couldn't just throw them away.  Anyway, the dog loved laying on them.  (I think she goes for the high thread count stuff, too.)  But the feathers were driving me nuts!

Definitely 800 thread count.  I can smell the quality!

I decided to make the dog a pillow.  'Cause she is the princess dog, ya know.

I took a piece of an old sheet and sewed it into a rectangle, folded the comforter to fit and slid it into the case.  Then, I sewed the end shut.  The dog loves it!

Yes, the dog is wearing a dress.  The kids thought that she wanted to look good for her photo op.

Since that worked out so well and I had another comforter, I decided to make one for the outside dog,too.

36" X 24" rectangle of canvas

I sewed up two sides, and folded the comforter to fit the pillowcase.  Butterscotch thought that maybe it was a nicer thread count than hers so she tested it out for me.  She was useless at helping me get it into the pillowcase.

After I sewed the case shut, we took it out to try it out on the Brown Dog.  He was a little shy so I had to sneak a pic of him through the window.

He really does like it.  That shell-shocked look is just a ploy to get me to bring him out a little snack because I feel sorry for him.  I swear.  Really!  No, He really does like it!


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