Thursday, September 16, 2010

Organizing: Medicine Stuff Cabinet

What a mess! 
Who woulda thunk you could get so much junk into one cabinet?

Sooooo, anywhoo.  I took it upon myself to empty most of the mess and start over.  Half of two shelves are full to the brim of cold meds and diet supplements that I have purchased on sale and keep on hand in case the population of a small town has bathroom problems or a really bad cold.  The rest of it was a collection of water bottles, insulated coffee cups, paper plates and other crazy random stuff.

I followed the top three rules for organizing:

First I dragged everything out of the bottom two shelves and sorted it out into categories.  Next I threw away all of the almost empty bottles of cold remedies and the extremely out of date prescriptions.

I used a basket to hold all of the bottles of cough and cold meds, cough drops, and cough prescriptions for all of the allergy sufferers in my house.  Another basket is helping all those silly water bottles stand up and not tumble out every time you open a door.  I found a new home for the paper plates and napkins in the drawer right above the baggies and plastic wrap.  All of the diet supplement stuff is sorted and stacked, ready for some sort of emergency.

The top shelf is Christmas dishes.  I have to have a step stool to reach it, so it makes a great place to store things that are only used seasonally.

Really, it was only a 30 minute project even with all of the interruptions for homeschooling help.  Ooooohhhh, the trials of long division!  But I keep opening that cabinet to see how nice it looks.  I think that the colander breathed a big sigh of relief.  It was getting a bit tight in there.

I cleaned out the drawer where we keep the everyday meds too!

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