Thursday, September 16, 2010

Organizing: Plastic Stuff Cabinet

If you remember Hubby's Top 5 List of things to organize in the kitchen, You will recall that the cabinet where I keep all of the plastic bowls was giving him fits. 

 Me too, but I didn't admit that to him. 

I really have no idea why it bothered him when half a dozen plastic bowls jumped out every time he reached for a measuring cup!?!  He doesn't do that much cooking!

I forgot to take a picture before I emptied the bottom shelf.  It looks all that much more impressive strewn all over the counter, dontcha think?
I threw away about 27 bajillion lids that didn't have containers to go with them.  I gathered all of the lids together in a little purple basket and stacked up the containers.  I am not in love with the purple basket, but it is the right size and I am not going out shopping for a blue or yellow one, so it will have to do.

The middle shelf has a huge bowl that won't fit in any other cabinet in my kitchen, so I lined up my measuring cups in front of it. 

On the top shelf are some of Abby's snack sets.  She has a collection of them.  Don't ask me how many.  It is embarrassing.  She doesn't do that much entertaining and really, most ten year olds use paper plates.  We are just strange that way. 

OK, side by side.  Before and after.

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