Friday, September 3, 2010


My minions and I were cleaning off the porch this afternoon. 

Yes.  They were thrilled.  It's true. 

There are so many things that came home with the store that we still have to put away.  Mostly I have them tucked around the corner out of sight, but there were a few that I thought would make cute Christmas decorations still hanging around.  I arranged a few things and said to the teen minion,
"There!  I made a vignette."
"What's a vignette?" he asks.
"When you arrange random stuff so it looks good," I nonchalantly reply.

He goes on about his business carting things around for me. 
i But in my heart of hearts I am totally dejected.  I am thinking, "What?  Have I failed?  Doesn't he know anything?" 

It makes me doubt my ability as a parent

Soon, though, all is golden.  I say,"Take that garden tool thing and arrange it cutely over where we are gonna make a flower bed." 

 Later I go check to see how it looks.
He does have skills. 
I am so proud!

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  1. Vignette(ing) is also what I do when I make the edges of some pics dark and semi blurry.
    Great word.