Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We spent the day Saturday at the Buckey Furnace State Memorial.  President Abraham Lincoln stopped by to speak and they had ice cream and lemonade.  Our real reason for visiting was actually a little more selfish.  They have a beautiful park way out in the boonies.  All the back roads make for a great place to drive a team of horses with a wagon.  The day was gorgeous, the sky was blue, the minions were content to run around, play in the fire, get filthy and have a blast.

We (meaning not really me, but my dad and oldest son) hitched up Doc and Chief to the wagon and we all bailed on for a ride.  The girls watched the road go by and Jonah made up a new game of snatching weeds out of the ditch.
Butterscotch helped him! 

We rode through woods and reclaimed strip mine land.  The sky was so blue it almost hurt your eyes.
We had such a great time we had to go back again on Sunday and Monday.

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