Monday, September 20, 2010


Top 5 Things to Take on a Camping Trip

* Toilet Paper!!

* Tylenol

* Food that doesn't have to be prepared over a campfire.

* Extra Pillow and 900 thread count sheets.

* Tushie Donut

My dad has lots of horses that we drive and ride.  We took another trip out to Buckeye Furnace to "camp."  Usually I get out of the whole "staying over night" thing because I have the great excuse of there being no toilet and I have absolutely no peeing in the woods skills.  But...... the grandpas of this whole expedition decided to get a port-a-pottie for the campsite.  And I stupidly told the kids that if there was a potty, I would stay all night.

Huge. Huge. Mistake. 

Not really, I had a great time but I think that all things conspired against me to remind me that I am getting old!

Not only did I sleep on an incredibly lumpy bed but I actually rode a horse for the first time in eleven or twelve years.  For about five or six miles.  Needles to say, I am only sitting in cushy chairs today.

I forgot my camera, so I didn't document the whole debacle.

More camping trips are in the planning stage and I am packing accordingly.  Do they make 900 thread count sleeping bags?

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