Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas is Only Three Weeks Away? What?

While glancing through my e-mails, I happened to notice a subject line that said Christmas is only three weeks away. 

I had a little heart palpatation. 

Last time I checked it was the end of October and I had plenty of time to get ready for Christmas. 

How can it be Christmas when I am spending all of my time thinking about pirate ships and animals? 

Thankfully, the mural making and general foofifying at the church is progressing better than my blogging. 

I can somehow picture that my New Year's Resolutions are going to involve becoming a better blogger.  Sorry I am such a slacker.  These last two months have been a blur of Lap Band and Painting and Driving three hours a day to get to work.

My lists are epic.  You can't even imagine!

Actually, don't try.  I don't want anyone to hurt themselves.

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