Monday, August 30, 2010


No, I'm not going crazy. 
I got a really great deal on a whole box of bananas.  $2 for a whole banana box full!  That is a lot of monkey chow.  They were quickly going south and the guy at the flea market threw them in with my bushel of peaches for two bucks.  Everyone thought that I was nuts, but I had a plan.  First, I gave away a few bunches to my mom, my dad, and my sister.  Then I took them home and fed some to the minions and this is what I had left.  No way we were gonna get these babies eaten before they were bad.

Sooooo.... I peeled them. 
Then I put them on a cookie sheet and shoved them in the freezer.  A few hours later I took them out and stuck them in a zipper baggie.  Now whenever I want to make banana bread, I can pull out a few, thaw them in the microwave, and whip up a batch.  Thawing them in the microwave makes them a really nice, mushy consistency for bread.  I usually zap even fresh bananas that I am using for bread.

Works for me!
Now I need to make a list of recipes that require bananas.

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  1. Nice! I never thought about freezing banana's...

    Oh and you should put my blog on the "Blogs I Stalk" section