Sunday, August 29, 2010

So Where Did All the Groceries Go?

"Where did she put all of those boxes of groceries?" you may be asking yourself.  Or you would be if there were more than two people who were reading this blog.  And if those two people were at all interested in where someone might store 7 or 8 boxes of groceries. 
Well, I'm gonna tell you!  I put them away!  I cleaned out my pantry!  I harassed my minions, oops! I mean, my lovely children.  I rearranged.  I containerized.  I sorted.  I rearranged again.  I got it done!

Looks great HUH?   I'm a little bitter about that green basket because my kitchen is cobalt blue and yellow, but I am going to be big about it and just let it go.

I decluttered my baking stuff cabinet.  
I didn't put it all in there sideways, I swear.  I just can't figure out how to rotate the picture. 

(Note to Self:  Only take horizontal pics, you aren't smart enough for the vertical ones...ask the minions, they may be able to figure it out!)

I rearranged my laundry room and bought an extremely overpriced shelf from Walmart. 

OK!  It's sideways. So shoot me!

All put away so neat and tidy.  If anyone messes it up they are gonna have to deal with me.  It all looks so lovely that I hate to disarrange it to cook something. 

Might have to eat out!

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