Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eye Candy For List-Oholics

Isn't this the most fabulous things that you have ever seen?  Sweet little pads of list making paper.  Lined!  No frou-frou stuff taking up space and distracting from the actual glory of the list.  Just 24 little lines to keep track of all the stuff that needs to be accomplished.  I am using them for my kid's daily homeschool to-do lists and for myself so I actually get something done every day.  I got them at a flea market.  I got eight.  For $3.00.  For all eight.  But wait a second!  What if I never see them again?  What if I run out?  What if I have to go back to writing my lists on plain old printer paper?  Gasp!  Now I am having an anxiety attack about what I will do when I run out.  Shoot!  They still make me happy, though.
Consider this the first post in an ongoing list of Things That Make Me Happy!

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