Monday, October 22, 2012

Goal Update and Weekly Goals for October 22nd

There were eighteen items on my list for last week and I marked off ten of them.  So, a little better than half.  Unfortunately they were all of the little, easy things that didn't require a great deal of effort.  I blame it on all of the fun running around we did. 

A two day trip to Cincinnati to help my grandmother and an entire day spent at the Ohio Renaissance Festival were definitely worth it, but made it difficult to get things done at home.

Goals for the Week of October 15th

  • Bible study with the kids at least two days. Only one day
  • Write Gene a love note. Nice long letter.
  • Check two things off the bucket list. We did quite a few things this week which sort of explains why not very much got checked off of the rest of the list.  We had a wienie roast complete with s'mores.  We made caramel apple bites, which were delicious!  We opted to go to the Natural History Museum in Cincinnati rather than the Ohio History Museum in Columbus.  We made in to the Ohio Renaissance Festival on the very last day.
  • Lose four pounds. Not so Much!  I seem to be having some sort of issue with my Lap Band.  Hopefully that can be resolved this week.
  • Three blog posts. Nope.  Just one.
  • Read one book on my Kindle app. I read a couple of cozy mysteries, but not one self-improvement book from my Kindle collection.  Another reason why I didn't get much done this week.
  • Complete dining room list. No.  Still all of the dusting to do.
  • One hour in each kid's room. Nope.  I just glance in and shudder.
  • Clean two shelves in the craft cabinet. I actually finished the whole cabinet.  It is so much nicer now that I can see everything!
  • Complete Kitchen list. I didn't even start it.  I was out of town for three whole days out of the week.  I didn't do much more than routine maintenance.
  • Keep spending spreadsheet current. Done.  We spend too much money!
  • Keep Christmas budget spreadsheet current. I have a few Christmas presents purchased and that is nice.
  • Menu plan around grocery deals. I got some great deals at Kroger this week!
  • Two baked goods in the freezer. Nothing
  • Scarf. Didn't pick it up.
  • Start calendars.  I picked up the Crickit from my mom's house so I can do the boring part of the calendar grids.  At least that is a start.  I ma crossing it off.  I didn't say how much I had to do to call it a start.
  • Check in with kids' school every day. Every day that we were home at least.  I need to be more specific about the questions I ask.  They seem to be able to say they did everything but ignore the little details of actual completion.
  • Check in about Box Tops.  No one has a big bag to send me that needs clipped and counted, which is nice, because I really don't have time to do it.
This week's list looks depressingly familiar.  Hopefully I can be more focused this week.  I have three doctor's appointments this week plus rehearsal for the kid's part in the ghost stories at the Buckeye Furnace Fall Festival.  Most of the day Friday will be spent at the Homeschool Co-op's fall outing and party and then we are off to spend the weekend camping and volunteering at Buckeye Furnace.

I need to start strong this week. 

Weekly Goals ... October 22nd

  • Bible Study with the kids two times.
  • Love note to Gene.
  • Check two things off the Bucket List.
  • Three doctor's appointments.
  • Three blog posts.
  • Read a self help book on my Kindle app.
  • Complete Kitchen List
  • One hour in each kid's room.
  • One hour in my room.
  • Keep Spending Spreadsheet current.
  • Keep Christmas Spreadsheet current.
  • Menu plan and grocery shop with coupons.
  • Two baked goods in the freezer.
  • Finish scarf.
  • Start granny square accessories.
  • Complete calendar grids.
  • Check in with kids every day.  (Check on the details)
  • Post next co-op session details.
I really only have four days to accomplish all of this!  I need to get on the ball.

There are only 64 more days until Christmas.  Time needs to slow down!

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