Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bathroom Remix {the list edition}

I know!  Before you say anything, I am fully aware that this may possibly be the most boring bathroom in the history of bland bathrooms.  I have never really liked the decor in here but the thought of repainting the whole thing gives me a twitch.

However.  I had an inspiration.  On a fabby shopping day a whil back, I stumbled across the cutest rug.  I snagged a shower curtain that I kind of thought might be the one to go in the bathroom.  I picked up some felt to go along for the ride. 


wait for it......

surprise, surprise..........

I made a list!

--shower curtain and rug {check}
--foof up shower curtain rings
--tissue box cover
--container for the floss picks
--hide the ugly nails holding up the mirror
--cutify the soap dispenser
--fluff up the medicine cabinet

Off to Google soap dispensers...

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