Monday, February 14, 2011

Craftiness is Genetic

Sometime in 2006 I was looking through the photo albums at my Gram's house.  I was tickled to find a picture of my mom wearing a cute Valentine's Day skirt that my Gram had made for her.  Then, a decade or so later in the pictures I found a shot of my sister and myself wearing Valentine's skirts that my mom had made for us. 

Too cute.

Inspiration struck!  I sneaked the pictures out of the album with every intention of making my daughter and niece cutesy Valentine's skirts, taking their picture, and making my Gram a very fabby, super sweet Valentine's Day gift.

In my usual lack of focus way, I got a good start on the plan.  I made the skirts, got them to pose for the picture, saved them on the computer and promptly procrastinated my way into 2008.  It occurred to me sometime in 2009 to look for the picture, but it had gone missing.  Sometime in 2010, I thought about it again but Valentine's Day was still months away.  Then in January of 2011, I started looking in earnest for the picture.  I was sure that I had a print of it somewhere. 

Ha!  Apparently not. 

I looked in every file, on every disc, in every box. 

Nothing.  I got desperate. 

I prayed that God would show me where to look.  He does take care of me and He probably knew a long time ago that I would drop the ball and lose the picture.  One day it occurred to me that I had been using my laptop at the time and the picture was on there.  Of course the laptop had crashed in the intervening years but when I had it fixed to give to my son I had asked the computer guy to save the pics on it if he could. 

 I set my super smart and clever son to the task of finding the picture.  And one day, just a few days before I was going to go see my Gram, he found it!  

Picture printed.  Success! 

My Gram got the vintage and beautiful original prints, but I made copies of them and made myself a page to display also. 

My mom somewhere around 1958, my sister and me in 1972, and Abby and Chloe in 2007.

Three generations of Valentine's Cuties.  Maybe someday Abby will have a daughter.  Maybe Abby will make her a Valentine's skirt.  In a couple decades!

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