Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day

Can you say "Good Sports?"

I love my kids.

I love the fact that even though they are teenagers they are willing to play along and do silly things, celebrate silly holidays, and enjoy being with me.

Attending a cyber school means that they spend almost all of their time with me.  We are all three at home together every day.  They almost never have an attitude, they do what they are told, and best of all, they enjoy having fun!

One of the items on our Fall Bucket List was to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day, September 26th.  It was a pretty laid back celebration!  We ate apple french toast for breakfast, had apple pudding and dried cinnamon apple chips with lunch, and had apple crisp with caramel ice cream for dessert after supper.  We read about John Chapman on wikipedia, and we watched a Disney video on You Tube. 

As holidays go, it was pretty inexpensive and laid-back.  The kids might have groaned a little when I woke them up shouting "Happy Johnny Appleseed Day."  But, they got into the spirit of things.

Little things, done with a great deal of enthusiasm make for the best memories.

Especially for moms!

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