Monday, September 17, 2012

Update on Last Week's Goals and a New Week

Last week I managed to check off nearly everything on my list.  Obviously putting it out there in cyberspace for someone to read had a motivating effect on me.

Here is what I accomplished last week:

  • Make a Fall Bucket List with the kids. I forced the kids to sit down with me and come up with 20 ideas.  Some were strange and a lot revolved around food.  You can see our Fall Bucket list here.
  • Write hubby a lovey dovey card or note. Done!  Nuff said 'bout that!
  • Organize the Bible Study stuff so that we can start over. I figured out where we need to start from but I didn't get the copies made.
  • Read Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince. I did read quite a bit but I still need to finish.
  • Exercise 4 times.
  • Lose back to my lowest weight. I lost a few pounds but not quite where I wanted to be.  I blame it on Red Lobster.
  • Wash all the glassware on the chicken shelf and dust all of the cubbies. Done!  Epic!
  • Put out all the fall decorations. Did the inside.  Still have to do outside.
  • Finish pinstriping the buggy.  Finished, more on that soon.
  • Send resume to the elementary and middle school principals.  Sent and I got a positive response! 
  • Write two blog posts.
Christmas Prep:
  • Finish baby afghan. All wrapped up and ready for the baby shower next month.  Amazing my powers of preparing ahead, Huh? 
  • Cross stitch for at least two hours.  About four hours worth but still a long way to go.
  • Decide on Christmas card pattern.  Still need to buy supplies.
  • Print January through August pictures for the calendar. In the mail!
Wow!  I got a lot done.

On to next week's list.

Weekly Goals .... Week of September 17th

  • Make copies of Bible Study Stuff.
  • Write Gene a Love Note.
  • Check two things off the Fall Bucket List.

  • Finish Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince.
  • Exercise four times.
  • Lose four pounds.

  • Fall decorations on the porch.Fancy up the Fall Bucket List
  • Put away Abby's summery summer clothes.
  • Make daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning check lists.

  • Catch up on cutting coupons.
  • Write three blog posts.

Christmas Prep:
  • Fancy up the Fall Bucket List.
  • Figure out the afghan pattern I am going to use and at least get started.
  • Cross stitch for at least three hours.
  • Start a Christmas Gift List.
Hope I can do as well this week as I did last week.  Christmas is only 99 days away.  Maybe I should just have 15 Christmas prep things on my list!

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