Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Goals: Recap and Week of 9-24-2012

Not so much progress on my list this week.  Apparently this was my week to make excuses about why I couldn't get anything done.  Ughhh!  Now I need to accomplish even more this week.

Here is what I accomplished last week:



  • Make copies of Bible Study Stuff. Did not do this.  My excuse is that the copy place is in the Apple Festival area and I didn't want to have to fight to find parking.
  • Write Gene a Love Note.  Done
  • Check two things off the Fall Bucket List. Not a single thing. Everything we tried to do did not work out the way I had hoped.
  • Finish Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince.  I did finish this book and it was excellent.  The grace of God toward us is such an amazing thing!
  • Exercise four times.  Actually did this.  I rode the exercise bike and read my book.
  • Lose four pounds. Hah!  I think I gained a pound.  I have an appointment with the diet doctor this week and I vow to have lost some weight.

  • Fall decorations on the porch. Nope.  Went shopping for mums and was apalled at the prices.  I will have another go at it this week.
  • Put away Abby's summery summer clothes.   One giant tote of stuff is put away.  Still need to get out the winter stuff and go through it.  As cold as it has been I think I could put away the capris too.
  • Make daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning check lists. I sort of made a handwritten copy, but I want to make a printable copy.
  • Catch up on cutting coupons.  Done!  I had two weeks worth.  Now just to keep up with it.  I am making this an item on my weekly to do list.
  • Write three blog posts. Just one post.  I have been having issues with my photo editor running on this slow old computer.
Christmas Prep:
  • Fancy up the Fall Bucket List.   So cute!  I will be posting a quick tutorial for it soon.
  • Figure out the afghan pattern I am going to use and at least get started.   I did decide on a plan.  I haven't actually started, but I am calling this a success. 
  • Cross stitch for at least three hours.   Barely worked for three hours.  Still so far to go.
  • Start a Christmas Gift List. Nope!
So much that didn't get done. We did have a great field trip on Friday to the Ohio Statehouse with the Homeschool Co-op with dinner out, thrift store shopping for zombie costumes, and frozen yougurt!  There were several visits with my oldest son and an emergency waterfall creation for my niece's science class project so I thought I had some good excuses!

I have decided that anything that doesn't get finished from the week before gets added to the list along with goals for this week rather than just forwarding things forever.  My list may be a hundred items long soon if I don't get on the ball.

Here goes!

Weekly Goals .... Week of September 24th



  • Make copies of Bible Study Stuff.
  • Write Gene a Love Note.
  • Check four things off the Fall Bucket List.
  • Check in with kids on school work every day.
  • Read The Five Love Languages of Teenagers.
  • Exercise four times.
  • Lose four pounds.
  • Pedicure
  • Fall decorations on the porch.
  • Get out Abby's winter clothes. 
  • Make daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning check lists.
  • Switch my clothes to winter.
  • Make laundry soap. 
  • Track all spending for the week.
  • Write six blog posts.
Christmas Prep:
  • Cross stitch for at least three hours.
  • Start a Christmas Gift List.
  • Crochet borders on nine squares.
  • Christmas gift budget.
  • Post about interest in high school breakfast club.
  • Co-op lesson.
Green items have been forwarded from last week's list.  Blue items are ongoing until they are finished or become a habit.

Lots of work to do!  No excuses this week!

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