Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spider Web Nails

One of the items on my Goal List this week was to give myself a pedicure.  Abby had recently requested purple nail polish, and I had visions of purple nails with spider webs and big black spiders.  Scary, huh?

Since it is rather difficult to reach one's toes with the amount of weight that I still need to lose, I decided to try out my design on my left thumb nail.  I liked the color, the spider web was a little wonky, but taking into consideration the crummy brush I had available, it turned out OK.

The spider, on the other hand, looked like a big fat tick. 

I took it all off and started again. 

No spiders for the toes!

I proceeded to try out the whole process on my toes.  Turns out, third time's a charm on the old toenails.  After much complaining and polish removal, I had what I thought was a credible spider web pedicure.

I'll let you be the judge of that!

In the interest of keeping it real here, take a look at this picture of my toes.  Apparently I am not only hampered by being too chubby to reach my toes, my eyes are so bad that I couldn't tell how messy the polish was until I looked at the picture.

Hopefully, no one looks that closely at my toes, 'cause I'm leaving them like this till Halloween!

Now, that's really scary stuff!

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