Friday, September 28, 2012

Spider Web Fall "Wreath"

Abby says it's not a wreath if there isn't a hole in the middle. 

I say it's a wreath 'cause we hung it on the door. 

We took an old, very ugly painting from the thrift store that had a kind of fancy looking plastic frame and transformed it into a webby home for some very glitzy spiders.

First I had Marshall spray paint the front and the back of the frame black.  For some odd reason, he was wearing a trench coat while he painted.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to get a picture of that.  {My children are a bit strange sometimes.}

Next we disassembled the frame.  I was glad to see that there were two pieces of cardboard in the frame so we would be able to hide the back of the spider web.

I wrapped some cotton yarn around the frame for the base of the spider web.  I used some very attractive duct tape to hold the yarn in the position I liked.  Abby wove the yarn around the spokes to create a very effective spider web.  We used a little Elmer's glue at each intersection to hold the web in place.

As the glue was drying, we positioned the spiders on the frame.  I was all for just using one spider from the package of six that we picked up at Hobby Lobby, but Abby thought it would be lonely and she found places for all six. 

I made a big, loopy bow from black and orange mesh ribbon and tied it onto the frame.

After the glue was all dry, we carefully reassembled the frame, I struggled to get all of the pieces jammed back together.  Finally, it was all together!  We ceremonially hung it on the door and took a picture.

Another thing checked off the Fall Bucket List.

Super cute, relatively easy, and not so scary Halloween decor for the door!

Abby still says it's not a wreath!


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